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Addressing materials challenges for information technologies, energy harvesting, and storage, bearing in mind environmental issues.

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A Quantum Age of materials

We are entering the Quantum Age of materials. Quantum material is not a new state of matter because it is intrinsic to everything, but we will utilize the finer qualities of quantum mechanics and elementary particles, the superposition of their states, and their entanglement. This can create more efficient, reliable, and powerful computing for use in big data management, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, in addition to better instrumentation in cryptography, sensors, medical diagnostics, and more. Modern quantum computers are based on complex photonic structures, ion traps of cold atoms, and superconducting circuits working at extremely low temperatures in highly protected environments. When quantum computers and quantum sensors become widespread commercially available tools frequently used in laboratories, hospitals, and in our everyday life, they will be solid-state devices operating at room temperature. The Stavropoulos Center for Complex Quantum Matter is established to work in state-of-the-art research in solid-state quantum sciences and to prepare future experts to implement the breakthroughs of the next quantum revolution into technologies that will benefit our society. For further information, please follow this link to the About section.