Postdoctoral and graduate student positions in Prof. L. Forró's group

We seek highly motivated candidates for the following positions:

  • 3 Graduate student positions (Ph.D.; 4 years) and
  • 1 Postdoc (1-2 years; extendible)

We seek candidates with strong experimental skills, a very good background in condensed matter physics (or materials science), and high motivation for scientific research.

  • The tasks of the Postdoctoral fellow are to investigate the transport and magnetic properties of novel materials and to supervise graduate student(s) assigned to her/him. Priority will be given to a person mastering high-pressure techniques (Diamond anvil, Bridgman, self-clamped). Knowledge of the above-mentioned experimental techniques is also advantageous. 
  • Graduate students will work in: i) novel superconductors, ii) in thermoelectric research, and iii) magnetic materials and heterostructures.

Further information and how to apply

Graduate/Undergraduate student positions in Prof. P. Stepanov's group

We are looking for highly motivated (under)graduate students to join our new laboratory. Students will work on isolating and assembling 2D materials as well as examining their properties with cryogenic near-field techniques. Available positions include:

  • 2 Graduate student positions (Ph.D.) and
  • Undergraduate students (number is defined upon available projects)

Further information and how to apply